Vendera Resources and its family of oil and gas partnerships focus on acquiring and managing non-operated working interest, royalty and overriding royalty properties.

Vendera has successfully grown its asset base to interests in roughly 3,000 wells in eight states and 95 counties. Our success is largely due to our ability to move quickly when we see a unique acquisition opportunity, reliance upon our own internal engineering, thorough financial analysis, and non-marketed deal flow.


To utilize in-house engineering and financial analysis to individually evaluate and acquire producing oil and gas properties. Vendera primarily acquires producing properties with upside potential via additional drilling or operational enhancements. We utilize our extensive industry network to seek acquisitions in areas where we have a higher degree of confidence.

We are a yield driven partnership, wherein we strive to maximize cash flow distributions to our partners. We are privately funded and have the autonomy to transact at our own discretion, which has allowed us to build our reputation as a reliable acquirer of properties.



With a team that has over 101 years of collective experience, we are able to utilize our complimentary skill sets to source, close and manage oil and gas properties. The principals backgrounds encompass oil and gas transactional experience along with reservoir and acquisitions engineering. The team’s skill set includes engineering technicians, land, legal, accounting and administrative support.

Our growth and success could not have been achieved without the full support and dedication of our investment professionals.